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Dear students,

You make the building a school, remember these Golden Rules so that you can lead a happy and enriching life.

We expect you to:

1.         Maintain good health.

2.         Always respect parents, teachers and elders.

3.         Try to be tolerant and open minded.

4.         Be polite and courteous.

5.         Be smart in appearance and have good habits.

6.         Be a good citizen. .

7.         Be sensitive to unjust situations.

8.         Be brave to face the challenges and difficulties of life.

9.         Appreciate the good in others.

10.       Strive for excellence.

11.       Be honest and gentle.

12.       Be communicative, gracious and helpful.

13.       Be a proud Indian.

14.       Be positive.

15.       Read good books.


1. Student must be punctual. They should arrive at the school 5 minutes before the bell. Once the gate is closed, entry will not be permitted.

2. School uniform is compulsory for school days and all school functions. Student must wear the prescribed uniform exact in colour and pattern.

3. Students should come to school clean and tidy with trim hair. Nails must be clipped short. Use of mehndi , hair gel, make-up, nail polish is not permitted.

4. It is compulsory to bring the Almanac daily.

5. Students are not allowed to leave the school nor receive visitors during the school hours.

6. Students should not unnecessarily leave their class at the end of every period While going to the playground, lab, library etc., they should move silently in an orderly manner.

7. Students must take care of their belongings. Articles like expensive watches, costly pens and    jewellery should be avoided. School will not be responsible for goods lost.

8. Pen drives, head phones and any such gadget is strictly banned and once found will be confiscated.

9. Students must not bring cell phones to school under any circumstances, any violation of this rule will attract severe disciplinary action. Parents are advised to particularly cautious in this regard.

10. Lending or borrowing of money, selling/buying any article and collecting any subscription or donation is not allowed.

11. Students are not permitted to give gifts to peers or members of staff.

12. It is prohibited to bring any sort of publications, reference books or other storage devices not relevant to academic pursuits.

13. Polythene bags are banned in school. Students should make use of the litter bins and take special care to keep the campus clean.

14. Plastic Tiffin’s & water bottles and Aluminium foils are totally banned in the school campus. Use steel Tiffin’s & water bottles and cotton napkins to save environment. .

15. Writing or scribbling on the walls or causing damage to school properly and property of others will be treated as misconduct. Any such act shall entail punishment and recovery of the cost even if done accidently.

16. Shouting, whistling, bullying and using abusive language will be considered as breach of discipline.

17. Students will be held accountable for disobedience and disrespect to the members of the staff.

18. Exploiting crackers and splashing colours in the school premises is strictly banned. Indulgence in these, will result in expulsion from the school.

19. Students suffering from infections/contagious diseases shall, under no circumstances, be permitted to attend school until full recovery. They should submit a fitness certificate from the doctor on rejoining.

20. Students are not allowed to bring to school any sharp instrument knife or any other object that can cause injury to others.

21.The school or any member of its staff shall not be held responsible for a mishap, accident or injury which inspite of precautions taken by the school, might befall or be suffered by a student during the period of his/her stay in the school or during any educational tour, excursion or camp arranged by the school.

22. Solid reading of lessons and learning new words/terms should be encouraged.


Discipline is the primary aspect of any institution. It is the primary task to maintain strict discipline at every end, be it sports, ground, labs, classes or excursions etc.

• Students are no allowed to carry mobile phones in school.

• Students are expected to show proper respect to teachers and dignitaries.

• Damage to the school property is an offence and thus the students will compensate the loss.

• Students should maintain the regularity and punctuality to the school.

• Students are not allowed to leave the school without permission during working  hours.

• Students must communicate in English only.

• Team spirit is  must for students while playing games being inter-house or class activities.

Forms of Disciplinary Measures:

(i.) The following disciplinary measures may be adopted by the school in dealing with erring student who    indulge in any act of indiscipline:

     a) YELLOW CARD: Yellow card will be issued for violation of any rule.

b) GREEN CARD: Repetition of the offense would incur the penalty of suspension indicated by issue of green card.

     c) RED CARD : Red Card would result in rustication of the student from  the school.

(ii.)The Principal of the school who is satisfied that a pupils has indulged in any of the forbidden practices may warn or impose fine or expel the pupil under intimation to his parents or guardian .


Students are expected to remain disciplined while plying in buses.

• Students should reach 10 minutes prior to the destined stop

• Children should not throw litter in the buses.

• Not to peep outside the window.

• Once the attendance is done, no child will be allowed to get down of the bus.

• Children must not fight/quarrel among their bus mates.

• Sit on the seat number allotted to every child.

• In case of any injury, First aid box is available in all the school buses.

• Students should not run or break the bus line under any circumstances in order to upload their own    safety and of everyone

• Bus boarding will start in a proper queue only when the bus has stopped, that too under the guidance of bus teacher and the lady attendant assigned for respective buses.

• Students stay back for extra classes, competition/support/cultural event practice or their movement out of the school premises for a trip/tournament/event or a competition will be allowed only after receiving written consent from the parents.


While engaging a private vehicle, rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, van etc. parents may please ensure that it is trust worthy and that the number of children are not beyond capacity. Parents should also ensure that the driver is competent, reliable and observes traffic rules as well as speed limit. Please check the Aadhar Card & Driving License for the safety of children.


The school expects every student to attend the classes regularly. In case of shortage of attendance, the student will not be eligible for promotion/any academic award. It is also compulsory to remain present on the last working day before vacation/break as well as on the reopening day.

1. No student shall be absent from the school without obtaining prior sanction of leave. Parents should send the leave application to the class teacher well in advance.

2. If a student fails to come to school on a particular day due to sudden illness or an urgent and unforeseen circumstances, the parent should inform the class teacher that day itself. In such cases, the leave application should be sent the next day.

3. If the leave is due to illness for a period exceeding three days, a Medical Certificate from the doctor should be enclosed along with the leave application.

4. There is no provision for half day leave, so students who are not well or any other urgent work should not be sent to school even on exam/test days.

5. If a student absents from the school without intimation/permission for more than 10 days, his/her name will be struck off from the nominal roll.

6. Students are expected to put in 100% attendance in their regular classes and any special classes as notified by the school. They must appear for all Tests/Examinations without fall. However, attendance below 75% shall not be condoned at all.

7. No leaves are allowed during the Unit Tests or Term exams, re-opening or closing day of a term. Request for re-test for Term Assessments will not been couraged.

8. Students will not be allowed to go early under any circumstances unless there is a medical or any other emergency. In case it is really un-avoidable, prior permission needs to be sanctioned through an application duly signed by the parents.

9. Under no circumstances can they miss or skip any class while being present in the school.

10.One month written notice to the School Management is compulsory, whenever the withdrawal of student from the school is required will help our children to be the best in every field.

Withdrawal from School :

Generally a student may be withdrawn from the end of the academic Session. A notice for such withdrawn must be submitted to the Principal before 15 March. In such cases the transfer certificate will be issued to the student on 31st March after clearing all dues. However, if a student is to be withdrawn in the middle of the academic year due to some unavoidable circumstances the parents are required to give one month notice/one month tuition fee except in transfer cases. In such cases the transfer certificate will be issued after clearing all the dues.


The medium of instruction being English, it is mandatory for everyone to communicate in English in the school premises. Compliance to this rule will not only provide an opportunity for practice but also enhance language efficiency.


Books & Note-books should be neatly labelled and covered with transparent telex sheets. We discourage a heavy bag, therefore class work copies and text books, not needed for the day’s homework will be kept in the school for kinder-Garten wing. Please assist your child in managing the bags as per time table. Please give tiffin boxes and water bottles in a separate bag to avoid spoiling of books. All belongings of your child should bear personal marks of identity.


We consider parents our equal partners and appreciate their commitment to our goal of providing the best education and development to the children. We would appreciate your co-operation, suggestions, support and participation. Kindly take a note of the following :

1, Attend all orientations/workshops, meetings and functions organized  for  parents.

2. Parents should avoid visiting the school off & on for small reasons.

  3. The first approach of the parents should be to meet the Principal as going directly to the classes is                        strictly prohibited. In case the need of teacher is felt for interaction he/she should meet after school teaching hours.

4. Keep a check on your child’s performance/progress.

5. Encourage the child to participate in co-curricular activities,

6. Co-operate with the class teachers/subject teachers,

7. The school diary of children should be properly filled, checked and signed on daily basis, If any remark is given in the school diary or notebook, it should be taken positively and also compliance with immediate effect.

8. Any message to be sent by the parents should be written in the diary and it should be ensured that the children show it to the respective class teachers.

9. It should also be ensured that the child has completed the homework on daily basis. The child should be motivated to do the homework and should be   monitored by parents while doing the same. Tuitions should be avoided.

10. While monitoring the student in homework, parents should see that the handwriting is neat and all the homework is completed.

11. Special care should be taken by the parents of Pre-Primary, Primary classes for handwriting, formation of words, neatness, correction work and incomplete work.

12. It is the duty of parents to check that the child is carrying all the required books and notebooks as per time table.

13. It is the duty of parents to see that their ward comes to school in proper duly washed and ironed, complete uniform. It should be ensure that the nails are properly trimmed and the shoes are polished.

14. Parents should also ensure that the books and notebooks are properly covered with telex sheet and should also motivate the child to maintain the books and notebooks meticulously.

15. Parents should ensure that the pencil box of the student is fully equipped as borrowing and lending of things is strictly prohibited.

16. Give a nutritious tiffin to your child. Please ensure that you give a napkin and a spoon with the tiffin. Also ensure that the food given is not messy or oily. Pickles are not allowed. No junk food is permitted. Please send fruits regularly for fruit break.

17. Inform the office of any change in address, telephone number etc. immediately.

18. Inculcate in children the habit of reading, listening to the news and reading the newspaper and Educational Channels like History & Discovery.

19. Respect and listen to the child’s view point on current affairs or other issues.

20. Encourage the habit of self-reliance and self-study and avoid tuition at all costs.

21. Ensure that the child goes to sleep at night in time so that he/she is fresh in school the next day.

22. Encourage your ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.

23. For Classes VI – XII, restrict daily pocket money (if required) to between Rs. 10/ and Rs.15/ per day. Encourage students to bring healthy and nutritive food and a fruit daily from Home. No money should be given to the students of classes II – V.

24. Your ward should be instructed to be careful about his/her person at self. There should be name tag on blazers and sweaters. Expensive articles should not be brought to school. Students are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. In case of violation of this rule, the articles will be confiscated. The school bears no responsibility for articles lost in school. In case of a loss, a letter giving details of the lost item may be sent to the school.

25. Boys are not allowed to wear ear rings, bracelet, kara, chain . Students are strictly prohibited from applying mehndi, nail polish or hair colour.

26. Parents are requested NOT to give Mobile phones, I-pods, MP3’s etc. to their wards under any circumstances.

27. Cameras also should not be given to students for school as well as school picnics.

28. Students should accompany their parents on the PTM day in proper school Uniform. Parents are requested to a formal dress code while visiting the school. Refrain particularly from wearing shorts, bathroom slippers and night suits to school.

29. Please do not handover lunch boxes or any item to the security guard at the gate. This is in the interest and safety of your ward.

30. Any communication made by you should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher. Mention your child’s name, address, admission no., phone no., class and section clearly.

31. Parents are requested to take corrective action against the use of abusive language of their child.

32. Parents are requested to check their ward while using the INTERNET. The work/assignment should be accessed through parental guidance to avoid misuse of internet.

33. Parents are requested to discourage the use of scooty /scooters /bikes by the students to commute to school. Strict action will be taken by the school administration for violation of this rule.

34. Encourage modest improvement with smiles and praises.

35. Be a role model for your child encourages him/her to be honest and fair. Help him/her to think positively Seek the child’s co-operation in setting moral standards for him/her. Avoid display of negative and extreme emotions in the presence of the child.

36. Avoid making undue comparison with siblings or your friend’s ward. Always remember children are different from each other, have different I.O. levels and potential.

37.Spare some moments to spend quality time with your child.

38. Set limits on the amount of time your child spends watching television, playing with i-pads any other electronic gadget.

39. Do not try to realize your dreams through your ward and have realistic expectations.

40. Show unconditional love by telling the child that you love him/her and you are proud of him/her.

41. Enhancing Conversational skills:  A good environment facilitating use of English can work wonders for your child. Develop the habit of conversing in English. Encourage your ward to learn to express himself/herself in words. Check his/her pronunciation and use of right words at the right time. Encourage your child to develop a reading habit of newspapers, magazines and good literature.

42. Parents should teach their children to respect their fellows. If any care of Eve-teasing comes in the knowledge of the school administration, strict action will be taken.


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